Cultivating enduring value in the public markets

The Long-Term Web取引ガイド Stock Exchange is a U.S. national securities exchange focused on building shared value for generations to come. Companies that list with us seek to increase impact with employees, customers, like-minded investors, and society at large.Web取引ガイド Web取引ガイド

We have reimagined the public market incentive system with a differentiated set of long-term listing standards for companies Web取引ガイド and a simplified trading model for investors and our member community.

Why choose the Long-Term Stock Exchange:

We arm companies with a playbook for anticipating and addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The rules for succeeding as a public company have changed. So we’ve changed the rules of an exchange for you.

Our listing standards prepare companies with a framework to thrive in the public markets through stronger governance and investor Web取引ガイド alliances. Learn more about listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange.

Our market model keeps things simple.

Our market model is so simple, we call it Very Simple Market (VSM™).

We have eliminated the conventional exchange incentives Web取引ガイド that benefit from volatility and speculation. Our focus is on connecting companies and investors, so we developed a market that represents our values and does not incentivize Web取引ガイド quoting and trading for profit.

We encourage transparency by being fully displayed.

We believe in strengthening and contributing to market information that’s public, not proprietary.

Our market is display-only, has no complicated order types, and all quotation and trade information is distributed solely on the Web取引ガイド public market data feeds. Everyone that participates on our market does so with access to the same data. We accept only the most common order types and Web取引ガイド instructions.

We charge zero transaction fees.

LTSE does not pay nor charge participants to interact on our market. Ours is the only national securities exchange operating with a free / free model.


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  • LAN・ファイアウォール等の設定によりご利用いただけない場合があります。
  • セキュリティ対策等の対応が進んでいる最新バージョンをご利用されることをお勧めします。
  • 上記の条件を満たしている場合でも、お客様のご使用の環境により十分な動作速度が得られない場合があります。






金融商品取引業者 関東財務局長(金商)第131号 商品先物取引業者


Our team of experts thrives on keeping you, your business, and your operations moving forward. Our goal is to help you seize opportunities on the horizon, minimize disruption, or move on from difficulty.

Guidepost Solutions is a leader in domestic and international investigations, compliance solutions, monitoring, and security and technology consulting. We work wherever your needs take us – whether on the ground around the globe – or from one Web取引ガイド of our offices located in Bogotá, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Walnut Creek, and Washington, DC.

Emergency Connectivity Fund Program for K-12 Schools

School Safety Funding

A third and final round of ECF program funding is available to K-12 schools, libraries, and consortia Web取引ガイド of schools and libraries.

Transparent guidance + solutions for issues of harassment + misconduct

Faith-Based Solutions

We understand the challenges that faith-based organizations face in identifying, addressing and preventing Web取引ガイド issues such as sexual harassment and abuse. We are Web取引ガイド experts in assessing cultural and organizational risks and providing Web取引ガイド concrete steps to facilitate change.



銀行ATM、各金融機関のネット・モバイルバンキングでお支払いができる決済方法です。 お支払いは前払いです。 注文完了から8日以内 にお支払いください。お支払い確認後、1~2営業日以内に商品発送いたします。(Web取引ガイド 土日・祝日を挟む場合を除く。) 注文完了後、自動配信されるメールに記載されている「収納機関番号」、「お客様番号」、「確認番号」をメモまたはプリントアウトして、銀行またはネット・モバイルバンキングでお支払いください。

  • ・この決済方法をご利用の場合、配送日時はしていできません。
  • ・10万円を超える場合、現金でのお支払いができません。
  • ・振込先は「収納代行会社GMO-PG」と表示されます。
  • ・ほとんどの場合手数料はかかりません。ただし、一部の金融機関および支払先の企業・団体によっては、手数料がかかる場合があります。
  • ・ お支払期限(注文後8日間)を過ぎると、注文は自動的にキャンセルとなりますのでご注意ください。

お支払いは前払いです。 注文完了から8日以内 にお支払いください。お支払い確認後、1~2営業日以内に商品発送いたします。(土日・祝日を挟む場合を除く。)

  • ※コンビニの注意事項
  • ・この決済方法をご利用の場合、配送日時は指定できません。
  • ・手数料はかかりません。
  • Web取引ガイド
  • ・ お支払期限(注文後8日間)を過ぎると、注文は自動的にキャンセルとなりますのでご注意ください。

お客様の手元に商品が到着した後に、コンビニ・銀行で代金をお支払いいただける安心・簡単な決済方法です。商品代金・送料とは別に、 330円(税込) の手数料が必要となります。請求書は商品とは別にハガキで郵送されますので、 発行から14日以内 にお支払い をお願いいたします。

330円(税込) の手数料が必要となります。1回の注文金額が2,200円(税込)以上の場合、無料。 請求書は商品とは別にハガキで郵送されますので、 発行から14日以内 にお支払い をお願いいたします。

A new generation cross-platform cloud backup tool

Duplicacy is built on top of a new idea called Lock-Free Deduplication, which works by relying on the basic file system API to manage deduplicated chunks without using any locks. A Web取引ガイド two-step fossil collection algorithm is devised to solve Web取引ガイド the fundamental problem of deleting unreferenced chunks under the Web取引ガイド lock-free condition, making deletion of old backups possible without using a centralized chunk database.

lock-free deduplication

Cloud Storages

Extensive Cloud Support

Thanks to Lock-Free Deduplication, Duplicacy work smoothly with most cloud storage services Web取引ガイド without compromising any essential features required of a state-of-the-art backup tool. In addition, Duplicacy also supports local disks and your own SFTP servers such as Mac or Web取引ガイド Linux computers, or NAS boxes.

Duplicacy Web Edition Screenshot

A New Web-Based GUI

Duplicacy comes with a newly designed web-based GUI that is not only artistically appealing but also functionally powerful. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly set up backup, copy, check, and prune jobs that will reliably protect your data while making the most efficient use of your storage space. The intuitive dashboard includes several statistical charts that help you monitor the overall health of your backups and storages at a mere glance.Web取引ガイド

Powerful Command Line Interface

The GUI version is a user-friendly Web取引ガイド frontend to the Duplicacy backup engine which can also be invoked from the command line. To fully exploit Web取引ガイド the power of Duplicacy, you can run the command line executable either manually, or from a script for Web取引ガイド more flexibility.

Duplicacy Command Line

Duplicacy Source Code

Source Code Availability

The source code of the command line version of Duplicacy is released on our github page. With source code access, you can gain insights into the inner workings of Duplicacy, and be confident that your backups will always be kept safe under any circumstances. You can also make customizations or even add new features on your own to meet your needs.

The command line version is free for individual users, and commercial licenses can be purchased at Web取引ガイド a low cost of $50 per machine per year.

Fully Customizable

If you are an IT service provider offering managed backup service to your customers, you can easily customize the web GUI to display your own software Web取引ガイド name and logo.

We also provide volume discounts to service providers and resellers. Please contact us for more details.


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